Building Godly Character

"When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost."

God can help a man get to the top, but the man's character keeps him at the top. If you don't want to fade away quickly, you must add character to the grace God has bestowed upon you.

The subject of building godly character can never be over-emphasized. The Britannica Dictionary defines character as how someone thinks, feels, and behaves. Google defines character as the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. In other words, it's the lifestyle of a person. Character is aligning our lives, so our behaviors are Christ-like. It is the fruit the vine of our abiding in Christ will produce.

Therefore, character development is the enhancement of the godly virtue embedded in the believer at new birth by the Holy Ghost (Gal 5:22).

It's important to clarify who an ungodly person is before we look at the traits of such persons. To be ungodly means not living a life of godliness. A life lived in sin. Some examples of ungodly character qualities include but are not limited to;

Deceit (1 Pet 3:10), Cheating (1 Thess 4:6), Dishonesty, Slandering (Ps 15:1-3), Pride (Prov 16:18). Now, let's also list some of the qualities of a Christian character; Honesty, Integrity, Servanthood, Humility, Discipline, Holiness, Morality.

How To Develop Christian Character

  1. Through the Altar of Prayer (Isa 66:8, Gal 4:19)

The place of prayer can never be over emphasized in birthing Christian character.

2. Through Desire, Determination and Passion ( Dan 1:18)

Through the power of the will, Joseph conquered adultery and arrived at his throne in a foreign land

3. Through the help of the Holy Spirit

He (the Holy Spirit) empowers and enables you to conform to godly living.

4. Through keeping wise company (Prov 13:20)

If you walk with the wise, you'll become wise. The godly character of the company you keep will rub off on you, but if you keep the company of fools, ungodly people, you'll also become like them.

5. Also, as a leader, you must first model Christian character in your own life. Know how to manage and deal with anger. For anger lies in the heart of fools. Learn to be slow to speak and quick to hear. Know how to talk and respond to situations. Always tell the truth. However, you must do so in love.

It must interest you that developing Christian character starts with your mind. Your mind is the battleground. If you're defeated in your mind, you'll be defeated in your life. Choose to think the right thoughts. Thoughts that are true, honest, pure, lovely, worthy, and of good report (Phil 4:8) and propel you to act accordingly. For your thoughts in your mind forms your actions. Your actions form your habits, and your habits form your character because as a man thinks in his heart, so is he (Prov 23:7).

Spread Love, Spread Jesus

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